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Sneaking Sins

“We see in Scripture the power of violent sin upon numerous believers.  These were not little people, but giants of the faith –men like Noah, Lot, David, Hezekiah, and others who were eminent in their walk with God. These were not people who fell into sin at the beginning of their walk with God, when they could have been excused as novices.  Instead, they fell after long experience in the ways of the grace of God.  Noah long walked with God before sin surprised him (Gen 9).  Righteous Lot appears only to have defiled himself toward the end of his life.  David richly experienced the grace of God in close, spiritual communion before sin cast him down.  The same may be said of Hezekiah.

If sin cast down such experienced men of God, what about us?”

John Owen, edited by James M. Houston

Sin and Temptation The Challenges of Personal Godliness

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